Application for Building Permit to City of Green Spring, Kentucky 40241

    • (Information to consist of, but not limited to, exterior dimensions, number of bedrooms and bathrooms (If residential, proposed use, (If non-residential) and type of heating and cooling). In consideration of a Building permit granted by the Building Inspector for the City of Green Spring, Kentucky. tho applicant thereby agrees to pay all damages for personal injuries to anyone or damages to property or improvements on account of any excavation made In or any obstruction placed upon any street. road, sidewalk or other public space of the Incorporated area of the City of Green Spring while engaged In or about the performance of said work and during the existence of such excavation or obstruction, and will defend all suits and hold the City of Green Spring harmless against any and all loss or damage on account of either personal Injuries or property damage. This permit does not include plumbing or sewage disposal for which permit must be obtained from the City and County Board of Health. Nor does It include Heating Installation. Electrical lnstallation. Elevator lnstallation, Sprinkler Installation or Air Conditioning lnstallation for which separate permits must be obtained for these branches of work from Jefferson County Departments. Such proof of permits are to accompany drawings and specifications. in accordance with yOde before building permit is Issued. The owner agrees hereby to take such permits and to assume aJI costs and liabilities for same. In accepting this permit, the owner hereby agrees to comply with all requirements of deed restrictions. Ordinance of City of Green Spring, Zoning Regulations of the Louisville and Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Commission and the current Building Code Ordinance of the City of Green Spring, regulating buildings.