Lover’s Lane Development

Our goal is to connect leadership and talent from each city/neighborhood to share information.


City of Green Spring

Chris von Allmen – Council 502-417-9075
Trevor Cravens -Mayor  859-492-9492
Terri Combs – Civil Engineer , Member, Blue Ribbon Task Force and the brains behind our group


Wolf Creek HOA

Dr. Mark Lynn – President
Calvin Rasey – HOA Board


Asbury Park

Tom Zettel 502-599-0303
Steve Porter – Counsel 502-905-9991
Tom Mentioned that he had a retired BOZA director and an architect that will assist on the “Blue Ribbon Task Force”


Spring Creek

Joe Cooper – 502-500-6374



Michael Ramsey, LIV Development (205) 484-2849

Resources Attached:

8-23-2021 Submitted Plans
Louisville Loop Map
Initial Letter Sent to Neighbors in proximity
LIV Development Neighborhood Meeting Packet
LIV Picture of Example Night Lighting

Calvin Rasey and Chris von Allmen attended a meeting last Wednesday with LIV Development at their lawyers office.  Here is a general overview of topics that were discussed.

About the Developer

  • LIV Development is based out of Birmingham, AL is buying this land
    • Currently building the “Louie” which is behind the Wal-Mart on Chamberlain Lane bordering the Gene Snyder.
    • They have constructed and sold these properties, as well as held, depending on the location and performance.
    • 10 Projects per year
  • LIV Development is Class A+ multifamily developer focusing only on market rate apartments (i.e., not low income / affordable housing)
  • LIV is based in Birmingham, AL and is finishing construction on “The Louis”, which is a 309-unit, Class A+ development located on Chamberlain Lane near the Westport Road exit of Gene Snyder
  • For more information on the developer, please visit their website ( or contact Michael Ramsey (contact info above)



  • 302 Unit, 1,2,3 Bedroom Class A apartments
  • 450 Parking Spaces
  • 3 and 4 story structures on the property.  Upscale, high grade finishes.
  • Average $1.50 per sq/ft month rent, or about 1500-1600 on average
  • We have asked for LIV Development to maintain an open dialogue and share information as they progress along.   They have agreed and want to be transparent.


Stage of Process

  • They are in the Pre-Application phase of the project which according to them, they will apply the next couple of weeks.   The pre-application process requires a public meeting which occurred on June 29th.
  • This project has to be vetted for feasibility by a number of different agencies surround requirements of construction and Planning and Zoning.
  • There is a case management review that is multiple rounds.
  • There will be more public hearing to transition from R-4 zoning to R-7 which is what would be required to build an apartment complex.
    • 78% of the properties in Jefferson County are listed as R-4 (5 Dwelling units per acre).   The city created these designations in the 1940s



  • Concerns were raised regarding the location of the entrances on the plans.
    • Current plans meet the requirement of an entrance 300 feet from a corner
    • Likely to move this closer to the corners as this would be safer for this project.
  • LIV is currently re-designing its previous site plan for comments received from Asbury Park and Green Spring leadership groups – the major change will be to accommodate the neighborhoods’ requests that LIV dedicate a new, straighter path for Springdale Road across the northern part of the site plan. Subject to Metro approvals, LIV will dedicate the land for the new, straighter path and Louisville Metro will build and fund the project at a later date
    • The existing Springdale Road would be the responsibility of the City of Louisville to either close or make a Cul-De-Sac to service the one property on that section.
  • They did a traffic study and the current rate is 100 per hour in high traffic times.   According to them, the addition of 450 Cars would not substantially affect this traffic on Springdale.


Light Pollution

  • By requirement, they are not allowed to have any light escape the premise.  Parking lights have to be contained to the property and light cannot shine beyond the property lines.
  • Lights would be a warm light
  • Lights would be limited to below 1.5 stories.   This is for resident safety.  No uplights would highlight the building.
  • Viewing a rendering, we could see where only the staircase lights showed above 1.5 stories.  


Trees and Shrubs

  • They have requirements to install trees in the parking lots and around their development.   They are highlighted as part of their plan.
  • A tree study has been made to determine the health of the trees.
    • Dead Trees will be removed.
    • Thatch under the trees will be removed.
    • Non – Beneficial (Junk Trees) will be removed.
    • Trees that are being kept will be uplimbed.
    • Subject to Metro approval, LIV has agreed to dedicate 1.2 acres to Metro along the existing Springdale Road, which encompasses the Lover’s Lane trees & signage
    • After some initial cleaning of the existing undergrowth and removal of dead trees, the Lover’s Lane trees & signage will be within the public right-of-way and will not be affected by the proposed development
    • LIV intends to embrace the concept of Lover’s Lane and feature that theme throughout its project
  • Shrubs will be planted behind the row of trees along Lovers Lane.


Water Management

  • LIV has hired Sabak, Wilson & Lingo (a prominent, local civil engineering firm) to fully vet and design its stormwater management system. LIV had been made aware of existing drainage issues caused by the current lack of stormwater infrastructure on the property. LIV is committed to providing stormwater design & infrastructure in its project that will fix the issues that currently exist on the unimproved, raw property.
  • A retention basin is part of their plans which should help to mitigate existing issues at that corner and along Springdale.




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    • Once created, we can send out via Facebook a link to this page.
    • We can add to this website page as new information becomes available.
  • Resources – Creating a “Blue Ribbon Task Force” of professionals to lead guidance on the project.
  • Consolidation – Collection of Information/Comments to funnel into “The Ask” of the developer.


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